What does Offbeat Yoga mean?

Offbeat– unusual, unconventional, eccentric, quirky, off-center, bizarre, different, interesting

I couldn’t think of a better way to reflect my yoga philosophy. I named Offbeat Yogi out of a desire to shift the perspective toward yoga. I have three practice principles:




  1. Yoga is physical and mental therapy.

    So far, yoga is the only workout I’ve found that incorporates both. You can assist your sciatica while becoming less reactive around your co-workers. Win-win!

  2. Yoga is for any body.

    Sure, there’s many different types of yoga and not dachshund-doing-play-bow-morning-stretch-in-sunall of them will be beneficial for everyone. However with so many ways to modify your practice, you could create your own yoga variant that works specifically for your body.

  3. Yoga is fun.

    My yoga playlist isn’t the typical soundtrack found in just any yoga class. Every class has upbeat notes ranging from Led Zeppelin to Passion Pit and complimented with downbeat tracks to slow everything down. For me music is a huge part of my practice to keep it fun and alive. Do you find fun in learning new poses? Or is your fun more of a byproduct of relaxing? Find out what makes yoga fun for you.




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