Are you an Offbeat Yogi? Question 1.

Have you tried to start yoga then stopped?

In 2006, I started yoga. In 2008, I quit yoga. The biggest reason I couldn’t stick to my practice was the plain and simple fact that I was bored.

When you are first beginning yoga, everything seems novel and, at times, strange. There is no doubt that learning the basics can be tough. However once you have mastered your warrior poses and sun salutations, yoga can get a little stale. I realized this fact after taking class after class trying to tune out my internal dialogue (“Not another Sun A!”).

I lost interest in yoga until 2012 when my roommates brought me to a class in college. My passion was ignited again and has been on fire ever since because of one shift of focus, fun.

When I crank up Halsey, flow with the beat,  and let go of all other cares, I find I’m truly at peace. Time on your mat is time that’s spent on you, so why shouldn’t you have fun?



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