Playlist of the Month: November

It’s getting chilly… well, almost chilly here in STL. The other day I almost got a tan in our 80-degree weather. Maybe that’s why I’m still recollecting poolside music.

This month’s playlists feature a mix of updated music inspired from the Latin and Native America along with old-school classics.

On my F L o W yoga playlist this month:

  • Chantaje– Shakira. Her new October release is downright sexy. ‘Nough said.
  • Fuego Juanes. Another new release in keeping with the Latin vibe.
  • Lovesick– Mura Masa. My new favorite electro song to vinyasa flow with.
  • Three Sisters– Beats Antique. From their new Shadowbox album, Beats Antique absolutely kills it with this song. Who would have thought that the Native American, electronic genre would be so amazing?
  • Over the Rainbow– Israel Kamakawiwo’ie. A classic that just makes you feel darn good about life.
  • Imagine– John Lennon. This is pretty much the best choice to follow Over the Rainbow. Feel the love at the closing of your practice.

On my G e N t L E yoga playlist this month:

  • Long Time No See– Ta-ku. Recently, I was introduced to this band from one of my students. Great relaxing beats.
  • HK Cinema Funk– Yuuki Matthews. Another excellent choice by one of my students. Beats will have you jamming during those long holds in Lizard pose.
  • Elysium- Yvonne S. Moriarty. Usually, I will turn off the music during Savasana then I’ll gradually turn this song up to awaken everyone. End your practice on a powerful and inspiring note.

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