Quiz: What yoga mat should you get?

Wondering what to put on your Christmas list?

How about a new y o g a mat!

Ultra-plush or super sticky…
Find the perfect mat to fit your body and personality!

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Do you have achy joints?
Try “The Softie”
Plush and perfect for tender knees and wrists. Your bones will thank you.

Feel like standing out in the crowd?
Try “The Artist”

Never lose your mat again. People will recognize you from the moment you walk into yoga class. The person with the freakin’ cool mat design that probably has an art degree.

Taller than average?
Try “The Giant”
Quit settling for regular sized mats that barely hold your downward dog.  You’ve got long legs, so why not get a long mat?

Are you an early adopter of innovation?
Try “The Pressure Point”
While you can’t own one of these until May 2017, Gripz Mats are now on Kickstarter. These mats combine accupressure and yoga for a unique experience.

Are you a deal hunter?
Try “The Budgeteer”
Buying yoga mats and props at a wholesale online is a great way to save money on quality mats. Yoga studios often buy these in bulk, but you can order them individually as well.

Have sweaty hands?
Try “The Sweat Sucker”
If you practice a vigorous style of yoga, you might notice your hands can’t seem to stick to your mat after 20 minutes. With Gaiam’s dry mat, you’ll feel like you stuck your hands in a bag of chalk every time you plank.

Free spirit?
Try “The Non-Mat”
The most versatile, travel friendly, and cheapest option. Also, my personal favorite along with yoga rockstar Meghan Currie. Bend the yoga rules, go mat-less.

What is your yoga mat of choice??

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