Playlist of the Month: January

Happy New Year Yogis!!

Get ready to get f u n k y in 2017.

Beat dropping, jazzy feeling, these playlists sound like a fresh start. Set yourself up for a great mood with upbeat tunes. January includes: Gramatik, Glass Animals, and Keller Williams. 

On my F L o W yoga playlist this month:

  • The BluesNiklas Ibach. The combination smooth house music with jazz vibes makes this exceptionally unique.
  • Just Jammin’ Gramatik. Perfect follow up song. Chill out and groove out with new wave R & B.
  • Evil TwinKrrum. Recently discovered this song under a “Hiptronix” playlist. Well, I couldn’t agree more with that title.
  • Mantra– Keller Williams. Keller is known for his wacky, off-the-wall lyrics.”Focus on your breath and feel out your surroundings”…I had to put this song in one my yoga playlists.
  • Don’t MovePhantogram. There must be at least one sexy song during yoga 🙂

On my G e N t L E yoga playlist this month:

  • Orange SkyAlexi Murdoch. Bittersweet and beautiful lyrics, “In your love, my salvation lies in your love.” **Heartmelt** <3
  • Mangalam Prem Joshua. Bringing back Indian electronic music once again.
  • EpicyclesDr. Toast. Yogi Meghan Currie introduced me to Dr. Toast and it’s perfect for any yoga practice. Very ambient.
  • Cancer– Twenty One Pilots. I never thought anyone could cover MCR so well. While the angst is toned down, it’s still a painfully lovely song.
  • GarunteedEddie Vedder. Because, Eddie Vedder!!!

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