How to Beat Sweet Cravings

I am a chocoholic.

Milk, dark, Hershey’s, Godiva, Lindt, bite size, bar size, king size…My addition runs deep.


I’ve tried many times to curb my habit in order to stay healthy…

In the past, I’ve gone cold turkey. I would restrain myself from buying any products with sugar. If it wasn’t in the house, I wouldn’t eat it, right? Unfortunately, this theory only exacerbated my cravings.

I would go the entire day without thinking about sugar. Then, like clockwork around 8pm, a sudden instinct would kick in. I would pace about the kitchen scrounging for something to fill my addiction.

My sugar-free diet would always end with a chocolate binge.

Does that sound familiar? 😉

Oh, would you look at that…semisweet baking chocolate. Let me just eat the whole bag. No time for cookies!

Now, I’ve finally learned to control my cravings by investing in a couple of staples to get my sweet tooth fix in a healthy way. I’m going to share my favorite sugar strategy and specific products I buy.

Strategy: Eat fat, feel full.

Eating more sugar will leave you feeling hungrier.
The hormone, leptin, is an appetite suppressant. It tells your body when its full after a meal. However overtime, eating foods high in sugar can induce leptin resistance. This can result in overeating or sugar binges. (Sugar Science)

Eating more fat is a great way to prevent cravings.
If I’m still feeling hungry after dinner, I will eat a couple slices of cheese (maybe with wine!) to prevent a sugar binge later on. Make your meals as filling as possible: add olive oil, butter, etc. It might feel wrong, however, fat > sugar.

Splurge Worthy Buys

Aldi’s Cocoa Almonds

The. b e s t. almonds. ever. I’ve tried many brands of chocolate almonds. Usually, they are coated in way too much chocolate and extra sugar. These babies only have 6g of sugar per 1/4 cup (?!!?!?!). Plus: you’ll feel full from the good fats in the almonds 🙂 If you have trouble finding these, try digging through the varieties of Aldi’s almonds, because I’m convinced they hide them on purpose.


Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate Sensation Hot Cocoa
If you can’t stop thinking about chocolate, just get your fix. By drinking it! You don’t even need to have milk with this rich, hot chocolate variety. And since it’s a liquid, you may feel fuller afterwards. A cold weather treat!

Coconut Popsicles

This treat is not like any other fruit popsicle. It’s creamy like vanilla ice cream and super satisfying. There is even a little shredded coconut inside.

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