Asana of the Day: Half Moon Pose

Half Moon Pose, or Arda Chandrasana, is a striking balance pose that can be attempted by beginner and advanced students.

It is often attempted from an open body pose like Triangle, Side angle, or Warrior 2.

Bare Bones Half Moon Pose

1. With your right foot pointed to the front of the mat, bend the knee enough to reach out with the right hand to make contact with the mat or block.

  1. I like to place the hand a little towards the right side of the mat and my left hand on my hip to balance better.

  2. Put more weight into the right leg until you can lift your left leg off the ground.

  3. Try to lift the left leg to hip height and imagine stacking your left hip on your right.

  4. Keep your legs engaged and your upper body open. Your in half moon pose! Take 5 breaths and switch sides.


Offbeat Variations



Moon on the Wall: Beginners rejoice! This supportive version on the wall is especially helpful if you have difficulty balancing. Do the same basic pose except with your back against the wall.








Three-Quarter Moon: If you are having trouble keeping your hip engaged and back leg lifted, try this variation. The 3 points of contact will help you nail your alignment without having to worry so much about balance and hip strength.









One-Quarter Moon: Take your balance to the next level by removing your hand. 1 point of balance holding the same shape makes for an even greater challenge. Trust me, this was as challenging as my face describes.









Full Moon: Hip opening + backbending go together like peas and carrots. Amazing hip flexor stretch and a challenging backbend rolled into one. I love this pose so much. <3



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