February Playlist ’18

Let this month's playlist get you into the spirit of the month, a time to celebrate our relationships and appreciate family and friends.

February is supposed to be the month of love, but it's easy for the cold and darkness to put us in a less-than-cheerful state.

While your practicing yoga to these feel-good lyrics, you'll quickly forget your worries. Smile and warm your heart.

February includes: Bob Marley, Mandolin Orange, Coldplay, and more!

On my yoga playlist this month:

Is This LoveBob Marley. A sweet, classic love song.

NameGoo Goo Dolls. Bringing back my 90s nostalgia 🙂

(No One Know Me) Like the PianoSampha. I couldn't stay away from Sampha, so he had to come back for round 2 on my playlist. Simply a beautiful piano ballad.

WildfireMandolin Orange. A little folk, a little bluegrass, a lot of soul.

GrandmothersphereEasy Forest. With an album named "Love Bomb", I had to include at least one East Forest song in the February playlist. It's worth listening for the poetic lyrics alone: "I didn't transcend my ego--we became partners, we became teammates"

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