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February yoga playlist

February Playlist ’18

Let this month's playlist get you into the spirit of the month, a time to celebrate our relationships and appreciate family and friends.

February is supposed to be the month of love, but it's easy for the cold and darkness to put us in a less-than-cheerful state.

While your practicing yoga to these feel-good lyrics, you'll quickly forget your worries. Smile and warm your heart.

February includes: Bob Marley, Mandolin Orange, Coldplay, and more!

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January Playlist ’18

I’m feeling some s m o o t h electronic music to start off our January playlist.

Beat dropping, jazzy feeling, this playlist sound like a fresh start. Set yourself up for a great mood with upbeat tunes. January includes: Gramatik, Sampha, and Dr. Toast.

This playlist is the perfect rainy day vinyasa class. You’ll get groovin’ and movin’ so good you won’t even be thinking about all those chaturangas.

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December Playlist ’17


If you’re not into Christmas music, not to worry, there’s only a few songs…

Ease into your practice with decadent instrumentals including Beta Radio, Piano Guys, and Vitamin Piano Series.

Includes some more traditional yoga tunes including the Heart Sutra– one of my favorites to chant aloud.

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November Playlist

This November playlist is the the kind of music you can close your eyes to and literally feel.

In addition to a top notch yoga playlist, try taking this playlist on a walk to clear your head. The meditative effects of music can be powerful! Let your mind absorb into the music.

On this month's playlist, you'll find some soulful tracks by Hozier, Wildlight, and DJ Taz Rashid.

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Playlist of the Month: May Playlist

Time play some gold hits and rock out with this throwback May playlist. 70s, 80s, 90s rock/pop… all guaranteed to make you happy!

Since the sunshine is putting me in an amazing mood these days, most of the songs are about soaking up Vitamin D and summertime. In 3 words, the May playlist is:

Sunny, playful, & uplifting

Enjoy a raaaad mix of: The Beatles, CCR, and Pink Floyd. Continue reading “Playlist of the Month: May Playlist”

April Playlist

Bluesy electronic and folksy tunes this month with a lot of feel good vibes. I got a little behind on my playlists this month, but I’m happy with how it turned out 🙂

This April playlist is all about:

Rhythm & soul.

Enjoy an eclectic mix of: Cat Stevens, Flume, and some crazy remixes on The Weekend.

On my F L o W yoga April playlist:
  • Melt!Flying Lotus. An African vibe with good drum beats. Dare you not to shake while listening to this.
  • Holdin’ On Flume. One of two songs by Flume on this month’s yoga playlist. Will get stuck in your head: “Hip shakin’ lover, I love you!”
  • JubelHenry Krinkle. That sax though! Fun take on jazz and electronic music with Moroccan shakers!
  • White NoiseElla Vos. Her style reminds me of Halsey and Sia. Listen and see if you agree…
  • Without YouEddie Vedder. A song from the Ukulele Songs album. A beautiful song on a beautiful album.

On my G e N t L E yoga April playlist:

  • StarboyVitamin String Quartet. An orchestral remix on the Weekend’s top hit. Perhaps better than the original 🙂
  • Blue’s Soup Monetrik. Do you want to be in a soulful and happy mood? Take a listen. This brings you straight down to Nawlins!
  • Been Down This RoadRailroad Earth. Another good mood track. Ahh, reminds me of  my hippie bluegrass days..
  • If You Want To Sing Out, Sing OutCat Stevens. If you listened to this every day, think about how much better life would be. Sing OUT, Be FREE! I can’t stop smiling.