Why try meditation classes in the office?

Improve Attention & Focus

Meditation teaches us to develop single pointed attention. When our minds can concentrate with optimized efficiency, we can develop our best products and solutions. Our productivity increases, so projects are executed faster and with detailed attention. Meditation gives us the time and space to create and develop creative ideas.

Boosts Emotional Intelligence

A regular meditation practice can regulate emotions and navigate difficult conversations. When we can develop an sense of equanimity and detachment from strong emotions, we communicate clearer. Certain types of meditation may also improve our ability to take on the perspective of another colleague and improve office relations.

Enhances Creativity

Meditation teaches us to listen to our more creative subconscious mind.  A time of quiet reflection is one of the best ways to access and develop ideas. Giving the brain a rest from constant stimulation and stressors is important to innovation. 


  • Apple

  • Prentice Hall Publishing

  • Google

  • Nike

  • Deutsche Bank

  • Proctor & Gamble

  • HBO

We bring guided meditation classes to your office!

get started with one 30 minute class or host weekly classes to establish a more regular practice.

Our certified meditation instructors expose you to many different types including mindfulness meditation, mantra meditation, and compassion meditation. We also teach you a variety of breathing techniques to use in your practice. Our goal is to help you establish a regular meditation routine to derive the most benefit to your body, mind, and spirit.


One 30-Minute Session


Includes take home materials on mindfulness

Great before team meetings or conferences

Four 30-Minute Sessions

$50 per session

$200 total

Includes take home material on the first class

Eight 30-Minute Sessions

$45 per session

$360 total

Includes take home material on the first class

Book a meditation session for your company

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