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Complimentary Trial Package
Are you looking to try out yoga for your office? Start with our free trial class package. We will offer one 60 minute class at a time and day most convenient for your office. After class, we will conduct a survey to gauge interest in a weekly workplace yoga class.
Office Yoga Classes
Hold a weekly yoga class at your workplace! Stretch your body before, during, or after a long day at the office. Looking to reduce stress and get in a good stretch? Or are you looking to increase mobility and get in a workout? Our classes are designed with your needs in mind. Start out with 5-week or 10-week session! Options also available for those seeking more than 1 day per week.
Meditation Classes at Work

Our certified meditation instructors expose you to many different types including mindfulness meditation, mantra meditation, and compassion meditation. We also teach you a variety of breathing techniques to use in your practice.

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Why Yoga at Work?

Yoga is a low impact, accessible form of exercise that works well in just about any space (even in hallways!). When we practice yoga, we focus on the connection between the body and breath. Your brain gets to take a little break! Our creativity and productivity increase after a movement break, while our blood pressure and stress hormones decrease. Not to mention, practicing yoga with your colleagues is pretty amusing. The entire office will bond over their shared experience.

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Class Sessions
props provided!
8 classes
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4 classes

1 class

Employer Paid Model
*includes all employees*
per class ($560 total)

$80 per class ($320 total)

$95 per class

Employee Paid Model
per person pricing
per class ($80 total)

$12 per class ($48 total)

$15 per class

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