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April Playlist

Bluesy electronic and folksy tunes this month with a lot of feel good vibes. I got a little behind on my playlists this month, but I’m happy with how it turned out 🙂

This April playlist is all about:

Rhythm & soul.

Enjoy an eclectic mix of: Cat Stevens, Flume, and some crazy remixes on The Weekend.

On my F L o W yoga April playlist:
  • Melt!Flying Lotus. An African vibe with good drum beats. Dare you not to shake while listening to this.
  • Holdin’ On Flume. One of two songs by Flume on this month’s yoga playlist. Will get stuck in your head: “Hip shakin’ lover, I love you!”
  • JubelHenry Krinkle. That sax though! Fun take on jazz and electronic music with Moroccan shakers!
  • White NoiseElla Vos. Her style reminds me of Halsey and Sia. Listen and see if you agree…
  • Without YouEddie Vedder. A song from the Ukulele Songs album. A beautiful song on a beautiful album.

On my G e N t L E yoga April playlist:

  • StarboyVitamin String Quartet. An orchestral remix on the Weekend’s top hit. Perhaps better than the original 🙂
  • Blue’s Soup Monetrik. Do you want to be in a soulful and happy mood? Take a listen. This brings you straight down to Nawlins!
  • Been Down This RoadRailroad Earth. Another good mood track. Ahh, reminds me of  my hippie bluegrass days..
  • If You Want To Sing Out, Sing OutCat Stevens. If you listened to this every day, think about how much better life would be. Sing OUT, Be FREE! I can’t stop smiling.