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Asana of the Day: Dancer

Lord of the Dance, or Dancer Pose, is a graceful and powerful pose.

I love this pose because of the strong backbend that targets each side of your back. In this respect, you can isolate the left side backbend and the right side backbend. It strengthens and compresses the low back, opens the chest, tones the core, and can be a great active quad stretch. Because of the focus on opening the front of the body in Dancer, it's great to pair with forward folding and twisting.

Trouble balancing? Grab a wall.

Trouble catching your foot? Grab a strap or tie.

Try out these Dancer variations!

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Ask a Yogi: How can I improve my balance?

Balance poses are challenging because they require muscular stability and body awareness.

Balance poses require you to stay present and out of your headspace.

Whether your trying to stay centered in tree pose or walking down the street, your body is constantly adjusting to keep you stabilized. Continue reading “Ask a Yogi: How can I improve my balance?”