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The Yogi Gift Guide – 20 gift ideas for your yogi friend

20 gift ideas that any yogi would appreciate! From yoga inspired reading lists to DIY gifts, you’ll find a range of ideas to celebrate your BYF (best yogi friend).

Props that feel oh-so-good

Some of my favorite props that I like using for my own practice.
  1. Yoga therapy balls– These work perfectly for those hard to reach muscle knots in the back.
  2. Bolster– Essential for any restorative pose or meditation cushion. Recline onto your bolster to open your chest after a day at the office or elevate your hips to relieve low back pain.
  3. Tibetan Singing Bowl – The sound vibrations trigger meditative states comparable to a hard brain reset. Not to mention, they are a beautiful addition to your yoga space!

DIY your gift

A handmade present always adds an extra touch of love.
  1. Mat spray – 1/4 witch hazel, 3/4 water, 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oils. I like to combine lavender oil and eucalyptus oil. Super simple!
  2. Mala Jewlery – Not only are malas fun to wear, they serve as a great meditation tool.
  3. Eye Pillows – Choose a silky fabric and find some dried lavender to fill your eye pillows for added luxe. Minimal sewing abilities required.

Little Gifts of Joy

Small, but thoughtful gifts.
  1. Meditation Journal – Perfect for writing reflections after your meditation practice or turn it into a gratitude journal.
  2. Selection of Teas – Who doesn’t love warm beverage on a cold day?
  3. Earrings – I love these woodcut earrings! They are simple, eye catching, and aren’t distracting during your yoga class. Comes in a variety of colors.
  4. Essential Oils – Put them on your body as perfume, use them in a diffuser for your home, or put them in cleaning products. One of my personal favorites I use in class is “Calm“, a blend of Lavender, Bergamot, Palmarosa, Patchouli, Lemon.
  5.  Succulents or Indoor Plants – Your Instagram-ready yoga space isn’t complete without indoor plants 😉 Improves air quality for your breath conscious yogi. Just make sure they have a green thumb!
  6. Candle – Another way to add ambiance to your yoga space. I like to use them for candle-gazing meditation. And if your yogi is a St. Louis Craft Beer drinker… try out Twinkle Brews, they’ll make your favorite beer into a candle!

Bookish Yogis

Reads that every yoga nerd should have.
  1. You are Here  by Thich Naht Hanh – I like to read a couple of pages from this book when I get into a funk. Thich Naht Hanh has a poetic way of lightening the mood 🙂
  2. The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk – Essential for anyone interested in understanding how trauma effects the body and brain. Explains how somatic practices like yoga can be used alongside traditional therapy to treat trauma.
  3. The Wise Heart by Jack Kornfield – This book is filled with great insights into the human condition and how to improve your happiness in practical ways using compassion-based practices.
  4. Eastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea Judith – A great introduction to the chakra system and its applications to Western psychology.

STL Locals!

Shop local this season for your yogi friend.
  1. Dimvaloo Gift Card – With over 10 different brands of activewear, your yogi friend can definitely find something she loves. Plus, she can shop online with free shipping anywhere in Missouri. Win.
  2. Sol Sweat Gift Card– Infared saunas are among the top wellness trends of 2018 according to many health bloggers. Did you know a sauna session can have the similar effects to cardiovascular exercise? I’d give up my running shoes for this…
  3. Confluence Kombucha Gift Card – Ever had a Kombucha flight? Choose between 8 unique rotating taps like asian pear or cranberry. Don’t forget to bring your growler to fill up with ‘booch afterwards. Bonus, the food is amazing. Vegan-friendly dishes that will make you rethink your opinions on tempeh.
  4. Private Yoga Session – Just a wee plug! We offer private yoga classes for your loved ones. Classes take place in the student’s home or other comfortable setting. Convenient and customized for any student, without the intimidation of going to a yoga studio.


Playlist of the Month: May Playlist

Time play some gold hits and rock out with this throwback May playlist. 70s, 80s, 90s rock/pop… all guaranteed to make you happy!

Since the sunshine is putting me in an amazing mood these days, most of the songs are about soaking up Vitamin D and summertime. In 3 words, the May playlist is:

Sunny, playful, & uplifting

Enjoy a raaaad mix of: The Beatles, CCR, and Pink Floyd. Continue reading “Playlist of the Month: May Playlist”

Playlist of the Month: February 2017

Let this month’s playlist get you into the spirit of the month, a time to celebrate our relationships and appreciate family and friends.

February is supposed to be the month of love, but it’s easy for the cold and darkness to put us in a less-than-cheerful state.

Feel good lyrics and sexy beats.

Smile. Warm your heat. February includes: Bob Marley, Joni Mitchell, and Hozier. Continue reading “Playlist of the Month: February 2017”

Playlist of the Month: December


If you’re not into Christmas music, not to worry, there’s only a few songs…

This month’s playlist features limited lyrics + big beats for an explosively fun practice. December includes: Sia’s new single, Lindsay Stirling, and Bollywood hits!

On my F L o W yoga playlist this month: Continue reading “Playlist of the Month: December”

Playlist of the Month: November

It’s getting chilly… well, almost chilly here in STL. The other day I almost got a tan in our 80-degree weather. Maybe that’s why I’m still recollecting poolside music.

This month’s playlists feature a mix of updated music inspired from the Latin and Native America along with old-school classics.

On my F L o W yoga playlist this month: Continue reading “Playlist of the Month: November”

What does Offbeat Yoga mean?

Offbeat– unusual, unconventional, eccentric, quirky, off-center, bizarre, different, interesting

I couldn’t think of a better way to reflect my yoga philosophy. I named Offbeat Yogi out of a desire to shift the perspective toward yoga. I have three practice principles:




  1. Yoga is physical and mental therapy.

    So far, yoga is the only workout I’ve found that incorporates both. You can assist your sciatica while becoming less reactive around your co-workers. Win-win!

  2. Yoga is for any body.

    Sure, there’s many different types of yoga and not dachshund-doing-play-bow-morning-stretch-in-sunall of them will be beneficial for everyone. However with so many ways to modify your practice, you could create your own yoga variant that works specifically for your body.

  3. Yoga is fun.

    My yoga playlist isn’t the typical soundtrack found in just any yoga class. Every class has upbeat notes ranging from Led Zeppelin to Passion Pit and complimented with downbeat tracks to slow everything down. For me music is a huge part of my practice to keep it fun and alive. Do you find fun in learning new poses? Or is your fun more of a byproduct of relaxing? Find out what makes yoga fun for you.