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How to Beat Sweet Cravings

I am a chocoholic.

Milk, dark, Hershey’s, Godiva, Lindt, bite size, bar size, king size…My addition runs deep.


I’ve tried many times to curb my habit in order to stay healthy…

In the past, I’ve gone cold turkey. I would restrain myself from buying any products with sugar. If it wasn’t in the house, I wouldn’t eat it, right? Unfortunately, this theory only exacerbated my cravings. Continue reading “How to Beat Sweet Cravings”

Ask a Yogi: Can I Lose Weight Doing Yoga?

With New Years approaching and new health goals on the horizon, I feel obliged to answer this question.

Short answer: Yoga’s not going to help you lose weight in isolation.

However… it may be a great tool to supplement a balanced diet and adequate exercise.

Regardless, we will see newcomers to the yoga studio this month hoping to shed pounds the “easy” way by taking yoga classes. 😉

I’ll tell you a little story of said student and offer ways yoga may be the perfect addition to your weight loss plan. Continue reading “Ask a Yogi: Can I Lose Weight Doing Yoga?”